Importance of Choosing the Best Concrete Placing Boom
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Importance of Choosing the Best Concrete Placing Boom

Concrete Placing Boom

Some of the construction industry folks ask why they should use a concrete placing boom while they have a stationary pump and concrete pump, it can do most of the job. Here we are providing a brief intro of the best concrete placing boom. Also, this blog will identify what concrete placing boom can do and what concrete pump is unable to do.

According to feedback that we get, the weighty arguments in favor of concrete placing booms are:

1 – Concrete pumping is essential to be used at the height where the boom pumps fail to achieve, or the site area is too extensive to be covered by boom pumps or line pump opportunities.

2 – A few structures, such as internal bridges, columns, or coverings, do not permit using stationary pumps at all. This makes the application of such machinery quite complicated. Concrete placing boom is perfect for selecting if you have a large area (up to 450 sq. meter) to work on. By use of a tower crane, they are comfortably transported to the essential location and offer good concrete pumping where you need it.

Numerous kinds of concrete placing booms are offered to match your specific needs. Specific requirements can be floor-mounted, rail-mounted, self-climbing, stationary as well as ship-mounted placing booms. The self-climbing structure allows booms to climb itself. The feature of rail-mounted is that it meets concrete placement’s demands of high rise or long-span structures and large surfaces.

With the ship-mounted type, it is straightforward to work in water, with vertical reach regarding tower-body height. Mobile models combine the best mobility, high safety, high utilization, wide application, and reliability. Mobile booms also provide comfortable transportation through a crane.

Concrete Placing Boom

At site

Typically, the boom is set on a rotating or a pedestal platform that can be fixed hundreds of feet from the pump while connected with the pipeline. The common element of the segregate concrete placing boom can be as follows:

The boom itself to distribute the concrete

Rotating platform

A kind of mast

The adapter annexing the mast

Mounting Options

There are different mounting choices for placing booms:

Mast and boom are annexed on crane tower

Foundation is mounted through a bolted cross frame

The mast itself can be attached to the structure’s side through brackets

It is possible to insert the mast and boom in the floor slab through wedges. Sometimes, the mast, along with the boom, is anchored to the supporting surface.

Wrap Up

Separate placing boom can be used in sites where it is not convenient to use the boom truck. So, the exertion of the separate concrete placing boom can provide immense help in certain situations on the worksite. In combination with the correct concrete pump, distinct placing booms offer improved working efficiency and high-quality concrete distribution

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