What is the Difference between Shotcrete and Gunite?
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December 19, 2019
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What is the Difference between Shotcrete and Gunite?

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Shotcrete is a wet mix of concrete. The entire blend of cement-sand-aggregate is mixed with water. In technical terms, shotcrete refers to wither dry or damp mix concrete as it is shot out of a hose. While, gunite is the concrete applied with the dry-mix process, as in its water-free up until the concrete placing boom manufacturer actually applies it.

What is the Difference between Shotcrete and Gunite for a Concrete Pool?

Concrete pools can be constructed either by use of gunite or shotcrete. The main difference is the mixing of concrete with the water. Shotcrete stands for wet concrete which is entirely mixed before it is shot out of the hose.

Gunite refers to a dry concrete mix that only mingles with water at the nozzle when it is sprayed.

Gunite Application

For gunite (dry mix), the constructors load the pre-mixed dried material into the hopper annexed with the delivery equipment. The builders use compressed air for sending the content to the nozzle, where it mixes with water. Then it is sprayed out at an extremely high speed that compacts the material on placement.

Shotcrete Application

For shotcrete (wet mix), a shotcrete Manipulator Supplier put the thoroughly mixed wet concrete in equipment hopper and compressed air pushes the material through the nozzle. Again, the material quickly sprays out and compresses where applied.

Gunite – Pros and Cons


Typically, if you are pouring concrete (in a sidewalk manner) and you stop, and then you start back up, those two pours will not bind together. They will be two separate pours.

So, if you need to stop the rough edge and try to mix the new into the old, it will make a cold joint that will appear different and most probably crack there. When you are guniting, you can hold and start again without producing that “cold joint’’ or plane of weakness. Due to the speed, the material is applied, it will still bind together.

The constructors have time since they blend the cement on-site and can seize and restart as required.

Gunite process tends to be inexpensive compared to shotcrete.


A gunite process needs a highly skilled operator because the person has control of the cement-water-sand ratio. An error can ruin the concrete quality.

Gunite creates overspray, and it makes a huge mess.

Shotcrete Manipulator Supplier


Shotcrete – Pros and Cons


While contractors using shotcrete require to be skilled, they do not have to be technically trained because the concrete is premixed.

Shotcrete forms a consistent and robust coating.

Shotcrete needs less time.


Shotcrete demands quick application as it is premixed. You can’t start and stop because it will not bond.

Cracks can be appeared from shrinkage if the water is added too much.

Shotcrete is expensive compared to gunite.

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