Concrete Placing Boom

Leading Concrete Placing Boom Manufacturer in China

Changsha Keda Intelligent Equipment Co., Limited is a top concrete placing boom manufacturer in China. As a professional manufacturer of concrete machinery, our main products include Robotic shot Crete Machine for tunneling, Concrete Placing Boom and Concrete Pump. We offer more than 30 different construction products. We registered as a company in the 1990s with an initial capital of 60,000,000 Yuan. Our Head Quarter is located in Changsha, Hunan, China.

As concrete placing boom manufacturer, we have been leading the industry of placing boom in China. We manufacture, develop and sell our valued customers with high-quality machines for distributing the best concrete placing boom. Also, we process and transport these materials. We ensure to serve our clients with a close business relationship and continues to do so in future as well.

A best concrete placing boom for sale is a mobile truck-mounted plant carrying a knuckle boom. It has the ability of power-operated luffing and slewing for placing concrete through pumping it along a pipeline; forming part of a boom of the plant.

A mobile placing boom can be of various kinds. They are offered for meeting particular requirements. Self-climbing, rail-mounted, stationary, ship-mounted and even floor-mounted  placing boom. The self-climbing model allows the boom to climb by itself. The rail-mounted has the ability for meeting the demands for concrete placement of high-rise structures with large surfaces. With a ship-mounted model, it is comfortable to function in water, with vertical access related to tower-body height. Mobile models bring excellent mobility, high reliability and safety, high utilization, full application and comfortable transportation by the help of a crane.

Best Concrete Placing Boom Supplier

Our best concrete placing boom provides numerous benefits like diverse applications, cost-saving and low maintenance, friendly to the environment, easy to setup & transport. Also, they are equipped with the compact slewing head in the absence of stationary parts to guarantee safe operations.

Extreme effective and versatile, our placing booms are the perfect choice for constructing bridges, caverns liquid gas tank, high-rise buildings and power stations. Our booms are light in weight. Therefore, they are easy to transport them around different parts of the site to make the job easy. Equipped for handling all types of pressure, our placing booms ensure secure and smooth operations.

Our products as placing concrete placing boom manufacturer, are consistently updated as per the latest research & development coupled with market needs. Our booms can decode and handle complex construction works across the country. We actively work with clients on projects and aid them to deliver on the promises.

We have committed skilled and professional teams. They ensure that our customers get value for the money at every location and all the times. So, if you require the best placing boom supplier, you have landed on the right page.

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