October 2, 2019
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Model HG32
Delivery pipe dimension (outside diameter × thickness) (mm × mm) Φ133×4
Delivery hose dimension (inside diameter × length) (″×mm) 5″×3000
Radius of placing boom (m) 31.7
Stationary height (to the joint between the end of the boom and Swivel table) (m) 22.9
Three hydraulic foldable arms 1st section 14.5m
2nd section 9.2m
3rd section 8.0m
Boom articulation 1st section -4.2°~+82.5°
2nd section 0°~180°
3rd section 0°~180°
Slewing range  (°) 360
Power of motor  (kW) 15
Pressure of hydraulic system  (MPa) 28
Type of hydraulic oil ESSO NUTO H46
Interval of climbing frame (m)


Climbing 3.0~4.2
Placing concrete 6.0~8.4
Mode of operation 1. cable remote control

2. radio remote control

Power 380V/50Hz
wind speed Placing concrete ≤60 km/h
Climbing ≤28 km/h
working temperature 0~48℃
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